Have you tried to save time and money and get into “DIY Design” with tools like Canva, or even tried out Photoshop or Illustrator, and are you getting frustrated, losing focus, getting lost? Are you now falling behind tasks of your actual focus, your blog or biz?


Maybe you just don’t know where to start,  or maybe you have started, and are stuck on a part of your brand, maybe a logo, social media, colors.


Your skills are needed out there, you literally do not have time to sit and learn a completely different set of professional skills. And to DIY with no skills can lead to a disaster and make all of your hard work completely pointless, because people are going to see the attempt at branding and go… “I’m good, fam…” and head to Pinterest to find another professional that does what you do, only they have their brand together.


A brand is a lot of information, and a living creature, if you will, and you should have a professional trained to tame that beast. Yes…It is a beast. And I can tame it.


I created Happix Design to help business owners & entrepreneurs create the image that will help them truly succeed. Helping you make the best impression possible in your professional life is my business, and my only focus.



My name is Charleen, I am a Brand-Builder and Branding Consultant for bloggers and entrepreneurs, the “Brand-Aide” for small businesses of all kinds, from local brick-and-mortar shops, to self-made online entrepreneurs. I help businesses and blogs like you get back to the work you love by doing your designing and branding for you.


Am I the Right Designer for You?

•I specialize in brand identity, discovery, design, and consulting for new bloggers of all niches, writers, photographers, part-time MLM consultants, product-based businesses, Etsy & Ebay sellers, virtual assistants, massage therapists, trainers, health & wellness bloggers, are you getting the idea here? If you are a business, or a blogger, or even an aspiring blogger looking for a designer to create a professional brand and brand identity, so you can focus on work, I can help you.

•I may be right for you if you have already tried to do some designing on your own, and gotten in over your head, frustrated at the outcome, are trying to do achieve a design you aren’t sure how to do, or do not even know where to start with designing a brand.

•If you know you are ready to invest in your business or online presence, but aren’t able to shell out thousands of dollars, I may be who you are looking for. I price my services fairly for clients who aren’t able to take a small loan for their business just yet, but still want professional results.

I even do FREE consultations through Skype video, chat, or email. No pressure, nothing weird, I want you to be able to make sure that I am the right designer for you, and to get a good idea of what you will be getting if you choose me.


If you are interested in seeing what I can help you with, please fill out a consultation form, or just shoot me an email with any questions you have that aren’t answered in the FAQ section (price point, services, etc.)

An artsy artist who loves rain and coffee, metal and jazz, tattoos and The Boston Red Sox. I work at home with my nervous and adorable puppy Floyd, my 3 seriously incredible children, and my out-of-a-fairy-tale Prince Charming husband, who is ever-supportive and amazing and seriously hot.

A girl and her affinity for all things digital design, typography, and art, paired with her hopeless fear of interacting with people have collided in the digital whimsy that is Happix Design to bring bloggers, designers, & non-designers the tools and tips they need to create their own design aspirations.